Event Staffing Services


From simple ticket taking to event security guards, ushers, guards, crowd management, security protection detail, access control, vip security, personal protection, parking lot attendants and security management and much more, Patriot Security EOC can help mange every event successfully and professionally. We provide the staffing for large and small events. If there will be a large gathering of people, we can make sure there are enough bodies to manage and control the flow of traffic, ensure safety, provide assistance or manage the crowds.



Patriot Security EOC is an experienced, proven strategic event staffing and security services partner that goes far beyond what other companies provide. Providing top of the line event and venue staffing for every major and minor personnel need. We provide highly trained, uniformed staff that will help you provide the best entertainment, best show, best event with the least amount of worries. Our staff will help you with security, checking bags, pat downs, bodyguard duties, ticket taking, ingress and egress points, access entry points, clean up staff, security staffing, crowd management, crowd maintenance and crowd exiting.  We treat our employees in a positive manner and they enjoy working for us.  This translates to an enhanced guest experience. Our clients enjoy stress-free events knowing we will meet any challenge in a professional and courteous way.  Patriot Security EOC’s management is always available to clients and works to develop the best security and guest services programs.  We are flexible and responsive and when an issue does arise we resolve it immediately. Patriot Security EOC’s management team has long and successful experience staffing large calls for major events.  We are well versed in the scheduling, briefing, deployment and supervision of large volumes of staff.


Ticket Takers

Patriot Security EOC has the staff and experience to handle your event from the moment the first guest arrives until the lights are turned off and the final goodbyes said. Your guest experience begins when they arrive at the gate. Patriot Security EOC staff is trained to make sure guests are welcomed when they show up at the ticket gate. Patriot Security EOC provides more than ticket takers, we ensure your patrons are greeted with warm enthusiasm and a genuine smile.  The guests’ day begins on a positive note and promise that the day holds fun and excitement for them.



Our fan-friendly ushers take over as soon as the fans enter the venue.  Our staff is trained to get guests into their seats before the action begins, in the right seats and ready for a great time.



With Patriot Security EOC, you get more than great services inside the venue, you also get an experienced team that works on getting your fans in and out of the event area as quickly and safely as possible.


24-Hour Security Staffing

Perfect for multi-day events, our 24/7 security team knows to lock a venue down and protect valuable assets once the action is over for the night. Our team works constantly to keep appraised of all  security issues before, during and after the fun starts. We work in the wee hours so you can sleep soundly knowing everything is taken care of.