Armed Security Service


Patriot Security EOC provides armed security service at many sites. For armed assignments, our exacting security officer selection procedures are even more stringent. In addition to our standard background investigation, reference checks, drug test and other screening requirements, for armed positions, we specifically seek candidates with prior experience, preferably in the military or law enforcement. Candidates for armed security service assignments are often subject to additional requirements established by the client and/or local or state regulations.

What Makes Us Better?

Patriot Security believes that an advantage we have over other companies is our management team’s hands-on approach in the field. We believe that owners and managers should make routine inspections of the security professionals in the field. This is to insure that the professionals are presenting the image and attitude that is expected from our security professionals.

Security Officer Training

Basic security officer training is actually the final step of our security officer selection process. Our comprehensive basic security officer training program instills a fundamental working knowledge of security officer responsibilities, designed to reduce on-site errors and optimize security officer productivity. Comprehensive security personnel training is critical to ensuring that our officers provide the highest quality of service possible. Patriot Security EOC provides the following types of training:

  • Pre-Site Training
  • On the job Training
  • On Going Training

Once assigned to a site, all security officers are required to complete On-the-Job Training . The OJT curriculum is custom-developed for each site during transition, building on basic security officer training with site-specific orientation, post orders, client policies, safety plans, emergency procedures and public relations. We ensure that all of our employees are trained well beyond the regular standards. At Patriot Security EOC there is no room for error in security and safety services. We strongly believe that our employees are highly trained and ready to handle even the most critical of situations.