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The Safety of Our Officers and Our Clients, is Patriot’s main concern during these tough times.  Facial Masks and Hand Sanitizer have been issued to all Officers.  The Facial Mask is now a part of Patriot’s Uniform Requirements and all must be in compliance.  As Texas reopens, Counties are issuing Mandates that require persons to wear a mask in public.  Results for not following the Mandate, include fines and possible jail time.  The Sanitizer issued comes in a refillable bottle that should not be thrown away.  Instead, please call the Patriot Office at (409)727-4944 for refills.  Hand Sanitizer should be on all Officers in addition to the mask. 

Management Team

We believe that all members of our management team should make routine field inspections. This insures that our security guards are presenting the best image and our managers are in touch with your needs.

Unarmed Security Guard Service

Often occupy highly visible positions, where public relations and customer service skills are critical. Our Security Guards are required to satisfy background checks, undergo intensive interviews, and skills training exercises.

Security Guard Service - Fence Guard
Security Guard Service - Armed Guard

Armed Security Guard Service

When it’s necessary to deter criminals by a show of force, Armed Security Guards can be your best option. Our Armed Security Guards must complete a firearm training program and pass Federal Background Checks to qualify to work at any property.

Customize Your Security Solution?

Safety Enforcement

Our Security Guards will enforce all safety policies, report any safety violations, and take action in the event of an incident. All safety information will to be reported to you in a detail report with all required documentation and photographs.

Security Supervisors

We provide security guard supervisors to make sure all regulations are followed. Our security guard supervisors make regular spot checks to verify security guards are on duty are performing their duties in an efficient and effective manner.

Criminal Deterrence

Having a security guard at your property is a constant deterrent to criminal activity and inappropriate actions on your property. Our security guards will observe and report any criminal activity to the authorities and complete detail reports.

Uniform Versatility

Our security guards are equipped with either a professional security guard uniform or a tactical security guard uniform. This versatility allows us to fit your needs, either by standing out to deter criminals or by remaining inconspicuous.

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